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👉 Have a boss that you just cannot figure out?


👉 Employee morale low and you're not sure why?


👉 Do you feel like you are just wrapped up in the day to day to find time to really make any headway?


👉 Are you committed to being held accountable for your business progress?


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mPOWERment!TM Training Platform

Here is just some of what this online training platform offers!

  • Full mini-courses and LIVE training on personal and leadership development topics

  • Bi-weekly LIVE training

  • Bi-weekly LIVE round table discussions

  • Access to additional learning resources

  • New training uploaded every week

  • Guides & Worksheets

  • Replay of all LIVE bi-weekly trainings

  • The Transformation Vault that holds even more resources

  • ...and more!

Our results speak for themselves

Here are what other leaders have to say about mPOWERment!™ Training and The Lou Everett Group!

Domenic B.


"I have been able to apply their lessons to achieve success in my business."


Hattie S.

Business Owner

"The information shared caused me to start intentionally looking at different areas of my life as it relates to my personal growth."


Dr. Jaylene B.


"This is a definite must if you are looking to lead your team better, increase employee retention, increase productivity, and seeking overall growth in your business."


This is a LIMITED TIME offer so get it while you can!

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