Another Seat At The Table Diversity & Inclusion Program The Lou Everett Group

A Proprietary Diversity & Inclusion Program

Each year the EEOC fines organizations over half a billion dollars for Diversity and Inclusion infractions, making this one of the top requested and most relevant types of training in the marketplace today and if you don’t have a solution for your organization, we are here to help!


The Another Seat At The Table™ Diversity and Inclusion training program will allow your team to engage in dialogue in a manner that:


 Is consistent with all compliance and regulation standards.

 Will help your employees feel safe and included.

 Will identify actionable steps for each member of your team that will create lasting  positive change no matter what size organization you have or what industry you’re in.


  • Transformational change within an organization. Unpacking the PCIHO framework.

  • Why Diversity and Inclusion?

  • Common stereotypes

  • The art of communication

  • Know the law.

  • If the employee is not OK, the company is not OK.

  • It takes a team.

  • Together we win.


Knowing the natural role each plays in building diverse and inclusive environments, and knowing how to guide others in discovering their natural role, is essential to bring about lasting change in our workplaces and our world.


What sets Another Seat At The Table™ apart from any other Diversity & Inclusion training in the marketplace is the proprietary core curriculum we call the PCIHO Model - The Pioneer, The Champion, And The Influencer. This core teaching helps everyone self-identify the role they can play and how each person as an individual is integral in this bigger picture process.


Each participant will also be able to identify...

Their own role . What motivates them. What their self-talk is (and how that may positively or negatively affect their contribution),  and what change-driven actions they can take right away to make a difference.


This curriculum is proprietary to Another Seat At The Table™ and is the difference maker in being able to help any team thrive in the process of building greater diversity and inclusion.

*The Another Seat At The Table™ Diversity and Inclusion training program meets SHRM requirements.


Let us know how we can bring this much needed program to your team!